TV On PC Without Programming

Watching television on a laptop or computer has become a viable alternative to cable and satellite. Why spend potentially hundreds of dollars a month — that’s thousands of dollars a year — for these increasingly expensive services? TV on PC can essentially be done for the cost of software, a download and installation. No technicians to wait for, no huge installation fees to be paid, no complicated decisions on which packages suit your … [Read more...]

How To Save On Entertainment

If you have a lot of free time but not a lot of money, finding good entertainment at an affordable price can be tricky. Use these ideas to help you save money on entertainment and still enjoy yourself. Do you spend $50 or more every month just to watch television? Some people easily pay over $100 a month not including phone and internet. If you can’t do without your favorite television shows but you want to save money, get subscriptions to Netflix streaming and Hulu. … [Read more...]

Getting Free Radio Advertising

The greatest expense you're going to incur in conducting a successful business is advertising. You have to advertise. Your business cannot grow and flourish unless you advertise. Advertising is the "life-blood" of any profitable business. And regardless of where or how your advertise, it's going to cost you in some form or another. Every successful business is built upon, and continues to thrive, primarily, on good advertising. The top companies in the world … [Read more...]