Does Your WordPress Site Cut SEO Corners?

WordPress is bigger than most people think – it runs 15% of the world’s websites, according to a 2012 article in Forbes magazine. You can have great Google ranking success with WordPress. To power your website with the WordPress CMS system doesn’t make it amateurish. It does compromise a website’s ranking ability, though, to simply use the default settings that it comes with. If you are doing your own business website on the WordPress platform, … [Read more...]

How to Ensure That Your Law Firm Website Is Effective

Despite being more of a relationship business, a website is as important to a law firm as it is to any other business. These days, the first thing that most people do when they need a product or service is to search for it on the web. Even if your prospective client hears about you though a friend or some other off-line media, most of them will do a little research on the web to recheck if your firm is likely to be a good match for their requirements. Have a poor website … [Read more...]

Website Facelift: Add Beauty To Your Web Site

A website should be more than practical or just convey information. Good looking web sites, with good functionality, usually do better online ... With all the tips and tricks out there to design a good-looking, user-friendly website, it’s somewhat amazing that most websites are designed to be wall-flowers that barely rate a second glance. Luckily, your website layout has nothing to do with genetics and airbrushes! In fact, it doesn’t even take a fortune … [Read more...]

Easy Laptop Computer Repairs

Anyone who has sent their laptop to a computer repair center to be repaired is all too familiar with just how expensive it can be. Even if you get a quote for the repair costs first, which you should, the bill can often come to more than the cost of a new computer. The problem with laptops is that the parts are far more integrated than they are in a desktop computer. A laptop motherboard, for example, is almost always designed for a specific model and designed to fit … [Read more...]