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Tips for Insuring Your Classic Car

Car insurers offer everything from phone apps to pet death benefits to rollover miles as perks to earn your classic car insurance business, with many of their offers pure genius. However, try not to let these enticements blindside you into signing along the dotted line before doing your homework. Learn how to insure your one-of-a-kind, classic car worry-free with these six tips. Tip 1: When cruising for classic car insurance, plan your first stop at an insurance … [Read more...]

Is a Pickup Truck Your Next Family Car?

Pickup trucks used to be all work and no play, but not anymore. As their advertising is sure to point out, they still haul, carry, tow uphill and drive through mud. However, with all the features and amenities available inside the cabs of new pickup trucks, they can offer the same comfort as any sedan, minivan or SUV. Choose a model with a four-door cab, and a pickup truck can seat a family of five. 1. Newer Trucks Have Plenty of Passenger Space In The Cab - Do … [Read more...]

Buying Cars on Craigslist: Find the Right Car for You

Craigslist can be a good resource for buying a used car. Prices are consistently lower than at used-car dealerships, and the selection is much larger. That being said, with such an extensive and varied selection it can be a daunting task to try and find your next set of wheels. By identifying your price range and narrowing your search, you can return more relevant results. Knowing how to analyze and interpret the information presented in the listing can make all the … [Read more...]

How Motorcycle Riders Can Save on Insurance

Just like anyone who owns a car, motorcyclists are always looking for ways to save on their motorcycle insurance rates. With the cost of gas, many people have looked to buying a motorcycle as means to save on travel and/or commuting costs (not to mention riding a cycle is much more fun). If you are going to own and ride a motorcycle getting motorcycle insurance is a must. It is fine to look at trimming non-essential coverage from their motorcycle insurance policy. … [Read more...]

Car Repair: Dealership, Local Garage, or Chain Shop?

When purchasing a new vehicle, one of the major questions involved with this decision is where you intend to bring the vehicle to have routine maintenance and repairs performed. For those few who take these endeavors upon themselves to handle, this is not a concern. However, this can be daunting for someone who is new to cars and the automotive world. With all the talk of dishonesty and faulty repairs in the car business, you want to be sure you hand the keys over to … [Read more...]