Lacrosse: The Fastest Growing Sport in America

As America’s fastest growing and oldest sport, many might find themselves choosing to play lacrosse this season over football or soccer. With a long and often unknown history in North America, this originally Iroquois field sport has been rapidly growing in popularity and will soon be found in your high-school. In our age of technological efficiency filled with high speed social media, Tweeting and lightning-fast video games, it’s no wonder why young athletes are … [Read more...]

Long Riders of the Pony Express

They came from all over the frontier. Small men mostly, lean and hard muscled,smelling of sweat and wearing horse manure on their boots. They had names like "Bronco Charlie" Miller, "Sawed Off Jim" Cumbo, and "Deadwood Dick" Clarke. They wanted a job and it was fiercely competitive. Only 80 men would ride at any one time and there were hundreds of applicants. The successful candidates were required to take an oath. An odd oath really. It was … [Read more...]

Car Repair: Dealership, Local Garage, or Chain Shop?

When purchasing a new vehicle, one of the major questions involved with this decision is where you intend to bring the vehicle to have routine maintenance and repairs performed. For those few who take these endeavors upon themselves to handle, this is not a concern. However, this can be daunting for someone who is new to cars and the automotive world. With all the talk of dishonesty and faulty repairs in the car business, you want to be sure you hand the keys over to … [Read more...]