How to Make a Great Impression in a Job Interview

These days there is more competition than ever for good jobs, so you have done really well to get to the interview stage. Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but success is more likely if you prepare well and adopt a positive, confident frame of mind. Follow these top tips for job interview success. A recent article in Newsweekly magazine featured interviews with Human Resources executives and corporate recruiters. They said that more college graduates come unprepared … [Read more...]

Tips for Insuring Your Classic Car

Car insurers offer everything from phone apps to pet death benefits to rollover miles as perks to earn your classic car insurance business, with many of their offers pure genius. However, try not to let these enticements blindside you into signing along the dotted line before doing your homework. Learn how to insure your one-of-a-kind, classic car worry-free with these six tips. Tip 1: When cruising for classic car insurance, plan your first stop at an insurance … [Read more...]

How To Conduct an Impartial Safety Investigation

Last night an air hose ruptured and an employee was injured by the stream of compressed air that was directed into his eyes. You, the Safety Manager, must investigate the accident and forward the results in report form to the corporate headquarters and the local representative for workplace safety. This investigation is going to be very high profile. There are issues of liability that must be answered for the company's insurance agency. There are issues with the … [Read more...]