A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Tarot Spreads

Whether you’re a seasoned reader of Tarot cards, or a newbie just learning the ropes, the time may come when you want to create your own Tarot spreads. It may be that you’ve found it difficult to locate a spread that addresses your specific situation, or you may simply want to expand your skills by creating spreads that speak specifically to you. Whatever the reason, designing your own Tarot spreads is an easy process once you have a solid plan for doing so.

Learn Traditional Spreads

Before you venture out into uncharted territory, take the time to learn some of the tried and true Tarot spreads that are commonly used. tarot spread Spreads like the Celtic Cross, the Three-Card Spread and the Five-Card Horseshoe are popular spreads that appear in most Tarot books and are easy to learn. Take time to study the meaning of each card’s position in the spread. By doing so, you’ll develop an understanding of how Tarot spreads work.

Write Out How The Spread Will Be Used

When you create your own spread, it’s important to include all of the aspects of the question that you’d like to address. For instance, when you create a spread about a relationship you may want to include card positions to address the fears of both individuals, the feelings of both individuals, the intentions of the individuals and information about their past relationships. You may also want to include positions that reveal what conditions are hidden and what the future of the relationship is. Jot down a list of aspects surrounding the relationship that will help you garner the information you desire.

Outline How The Tarot Card Will Lay Out

Once you have collection of aspects you’d like to include in your spread, total them up so you know how many positions you want to include in the spread. Consider using shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and stars. Alternatively, you can group the cards together across the table by placing related positions near each other. Place cards regarding the past together, locate another spot for cards revealing hidden elements and yet another for cards regarding the future.

Test And Practice Your New Spread

Before you add a new Tarot spread to your repertoire, take it for a test drive. Pose a question and see how well the spread meets your needs.

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As you lay out the cards, you may realize that there are more aspects you’d like to include or some that are redundant. Adjust the spread and play with the positions of the cards until it works well for you.

Create A Written Record Of Working With The Spread

Once you have the spread laid out exactly the way you want it, record your spread by sketching it out, numbering the order of the cards and writing down what each position in the spread means. As you work, you may find it necessary to make changes. If that’s so, simply adjust your information to reflect the changes. Do your initial sketch in pencil so you can make changes easily. Once you have the spread exactly right, record it permanently in a Tarot journal or notebook.

While creating your own Tarot spreads can be intimidating at first, the more you work with them the easier it will become. Over time you’ll be able to create a collection of Tarot layouts that work well for you and become part of your regular routine.

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