10 Most Common Dreams and Their Interpretations

People dream to work out psychological and emotional issues for use during their waking hours. Dreams are rarely literal. Instead they use symbols to represent real life situations. Scientists believe we use these dreams to work out personal problems, prepare for stressful events, gain insight into puzzling situations and to unwind our thoughts to simply relax. A number of common features often turn up in dreams.

Dream Of Flying
Dreams are flying are very common to people who are in stressful situations that are suddenly relieved of the stress. In this case, the flying indicates a feeling of liberation from the burden of the situation. Flying dreams can also indicate spiritual growth. Flying close to the ground indicates a feeling of power over your life. Dreams of flight can also indicate a desire to escape a situation. Flying can also mean mastery of some situation.

Dream Of Being Chased
Dreams of being chased probably affected human’s earliest ancestors and tried to survive in hostile environments. Being chased by an attacker indicates some part of you that needs improvement or correction. Laziness, inaction, or destructive behaviors can trigger dreams of being chased. If you are being chased by an animal, consider the symbolism of the animal. A bear, for instance, could indicate ambition and fears about not achieving goals. Being chased by a tiger could mean fears about sexual drives. Being chased by a wild elephant could mean concerns about controlling your emotions.

Dream Of Being Naked
Having dreams of being naked in public generally occurs when people are feeling vulnerable or shamed by a situation. Being naked can also indicate fears about being unprepared for a school or work situation. Being naked in front of a crowd usually indicates fears of private information being exposed.

Driving Dreams
Dreams about driving generally reflect how people feel about the direction of their lives and how they are progressing in their goals. Driving an expensive, desirable care can indicate your desire to improve your station in life. Driving a bus or taxi can mean that the person feels their life is compelled to go in directions other people dictate or that they feel burdened by relationships that keep him from reaching his goal. Driving a car that is out of control can mean that the person is not setting achievable goals or that his goals have gone off track.

Dreams Of Falling
Falling dreams indicate insecurities about life situation, performance or general feelings of inferiority. Falling dreams tend to occur when people are under pressure at work or in family life. Watching others fall can signal a need to consult professional help for the other person. Another interpretation is a signal of a desire to give in to impulses.

Dreams About Teeth
Teeth generally symbolize problems that need resolution. Having teeth crumble in the mouth, fall out spontaneously, be struck or damaged can leave the person feeling shaken and horrified. Teeth are important to both physical appearance and ability to eat. Dreams of tooth damage can signal a need to improve one’s appearance or one’s diet. It can also mean the person feels powerless and needs to take action. Loss of teeth can also indicate fears of losing money. Dreaming of teeth can also simply mean that you are concerned about the condition of your teeth and need to see a dentist.

Animals In Our Dreams
Dreams of animals operate on a very primitive, symbolic level. When you have dreams of animals, you should consider what type of animal it is and what that animal symbolizes to people. For instance, a dream of a lion indicates power and dominance. A dream with a deer or antelope indicates quickness and action required for a situation, with a feeling of vulnerability. A dream with a snake indicates distrust of someone either in a relationship or work situation. A bull symbolizes strength and possibly, stubbornness in a situation that needs to be addressed. A cat can symbolize sexuality, creativity and femininity. A dog in a dream generally indicates loyalty and protection, unless the dog attacks you, which then means that your decisions in life have somehow gone awry.

Dreams Involving A House
House dreams can occur in many forms. The house is a symbol of the self and one’s feeling of well-being, security and belonging. If the house is on fire, in a windstorm or otherwise threatened, it indicates anxieties about your physical or psychological well-being. Rooms in a house represent aspects of the self. For instance, if you dream of finding new rooms in your home, it generally means you are finding new talents or new aspects to your self-image. If a room is messy and ransacked, it means the person feels unorganized and needs to pay attention to getting physical health taken care of or the environment stabilized in some way.

Death In A Dream
Dreams of someone’s death or your own death do not necessarily presage the death of someone. Death dreams often indicate endings of relationships or fears about the relationship. It can indicate the person feels a deep need to resolve problems with the person or with himself. It can also signal a need to pay more attention to the person who died in the dream. Death dreams often occur during periods of great transition, during which the person may feel great anxiety about the changes that are occurring.

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