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Music Download Services: Picking the Right Site

Several years ago, pay-download music services were limited to just a few sites. Now, a Web search results in hundreds of fee-based sites and programs. Many of these sites are very similar, both in the songs/albums that they offer and in the fees that they charge. This makes it difficult to choose one that will work well for you. These tips and suggestions will help you decide what you want and need in a service so that you can make a better decision. Is this a … [Read more...]

Listen Up: Using an Electronic Guitar Tuner

So, you’ve splashed out all your money on the meanest guitar, bought the best “teach yourself to play” DVD or bookmarked your online course, and you’re ready to rock – almost. Beginning guitarists need to learn to tune a guitar. Any decent tuition method will show you how to tune, but getting it right is not always easy. It seems that using an electronic guitar tuner makes sense – but player beware. Using a tuner has both advantages and disadvantages. Digital tuners … [Read more...]

10 Little Known Facts About The Beatles

They became the most commercially successful bands in the history of recoded music, but there are still lots of interesting tidbits about The Beatles that a lot of people don't know. Here are some little-known facts about The Fab Four. You never know when trivia about the Beatles can come in handy. Yesterday was originally called Scrambled Eggs: When Paul McCartney was composing the song, the melody came first. It's been said that he thought it was something he'd … [Read more...]

Why Not Get Help Writing That Hit Song?

What is your favorite song of all time? What do you remember about that song? How long did it take you to memorize all the words? Can you play it back in your head? Chances are that favorite song of yours has elements you want to emulate or achieve through your own writing. It probably has a strong hook and some clever lyrics - and isn't that the reason you remember it, the reason you love it? As a musician, you have to wonder: How do I create the same lyrical … [Read more...]

Four Rocking Tips To Supercharge Fingerstyle Bass Playing

Fingerstyle bass playing can seem like a hassle to rock players. Many inexperienced bassist find it difficult to get the same speed and clarity with their fingers as they do with a pick, meaning that the option of playing fingerstyle is often ignored. There have been many great rock and metal bassists who played with their fingers, however. Cliff Burton, John Myung, Steve Harris: all giants in the world of bass playing, and all fingerstyle players. Fingerstyle isn't … [Read more...]