Listen Up: Using an Electronic Guitar Tuner

So, you’ve splashed out all your money on the meanest guitar, bought the best “teach yourself to play” DVD or bookmarked your online course, and you’re ready to rock – almost. Beginning guitarists need to learn to tune a guitar. Any decent tuition method will show you how to tune, but getting it right is not always easy. It seems that using an electronic guitar tuner makes sense – but player beware. Using a tuner has both advantages and disadvantages. Digital tuners … [Read more...]

Common Herbs and Their Dangerous Drug Interactions

Most people think that because herbs are natural, they must be safe. For long, many herbs have been touted as natural cures for various ailments or for their abilities to enhance general wellbeing. That is, however, not the case. Herbal products and supplements are not as stringently controlled, nor have they had a lot of research done on them, so the effects that they have on people who are on prescribed or over-the-counter drugs are not well known. Manufacturers are … [Read more...]

Get Your Life Into Balance With The Wheel of Life

There is a tool life coaches use to help their clients find life balance. The tool is referred to as the “Wheel of Life”. This tool has been adapted over the years, but has been said to resemble the Bhavacakra (Wheel of Becoming), a symbol found in Tibetan Buddhist art. The Buddhist wheel’s outside edge represents the continuous cycle of life, but that is where its similarity with the Western culture’s Wheel of Life ends. The Western … [Read more...]