Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump: A Real Place

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump may sound more like a rock band than a real location where a people created thousand of years of history. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Alberta Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump was (and is) of great importance to the indigenous Blackfoot people. The location fell into disuse the mid-19th century. It was in danger of being lost in historical memory until archaeologists discovered just how long the cliffs and surrounding area … [Read more...]

The Bible: A Timeline of Genesis

The stories in the book of Genesis have as many twists and turns as a television soap opera; there’s deception, betrayal, murder, natural disasters, punishment, perversion, sacrifice, slavery, dysfunctional families and redemption. This chronology examines the many highlights and low lights of Genesis. Chapter 1 of Genesis gets straight to the point: "In the beginning," it says, "God created the heaven and the earth." Indeed, by the end of Day … [Read more...]

Start Some New Thanksgiving Traditions with Your Family

Most of us inherit our Thanksgiving traditions from our family. For the most part, Thanksgiving involves getting together with family and sharing a turkey (and/or other Thanksgiving dishes we learned from our parents or other family members). This Thanksgiving why not establish some Thanksgiving traditions that are uniquely yours? Something your kids or friends can pass down from Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving for ... who knows? ... may a generation or two. Here are a few … [Read more...]

Why Not Get Help Writing That Hit Song?

What is your favorite song of all time? What do you remember about that song? How long did it take you to memorize all the words? Can you play it back in your head? Chances are that favorite song of yours has elements you want to emulate or achieve through your own writing. It probably has a strong hook and some clever lyrics - and isn't that the reason you remember it, the reason you love it? As a musician, you have to wonder: How do I create the same lyrical … [Read more...]