10 Little Known Facts About The Beatles

They became the most commercially successful bands in the history of recoded music, but there are still lots of interesting tidbits about The Beatles that a lot of people don't know. Here are some little-known facts about The Fab Four. You never know when trivia about the Beatles can come in handy. Yesterday was originally called Scrambled Eggs: When Paul McCartney was composing the song, the melody came first. It's been said that he thought it was something he'd … [Read more...]

High or Low? Bow or Stern? Choosing the Best Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Taking a vacation on a cruise ship is one of the most carefree and enjoyable experiences one can have. One of the factors that can enhance your cruise experience is selecting a cabin that best suits your needs. Selecting a cabin on a cruise ship can be a bit more challenging than one might think ... especially when deal with some of the larger cruise ships that carry thousands of passengers. Simply choosing a stateroom on a higher or lower deck can impact the price of … [Read more...]