Using Mind Power Techniques to Boost Your Income

No matter how religious or un-religious you are there is a mind-body-experience connection cannot be underestimated. The ‘mind power’ concept is more a matter of spirituality/metaphysical/mental fitness than it is about religion, or science, or psychology. You can bet that one of the three tips for harnessing the power of your mind to increase your income (or loose weight or find the perfect relationship) will be re-invented and released as a new self-help book within the next year. There are certain techniques that have worked for centuries and continue to work … although why these mental techniques work seems to always be a matter of debate. One thing is certain: Every home business owner/self-supporting professional (entrepreneurs, internet marketers, freelancers, small shop owner or whatever) should be aware of how to use mind power techniques to boost their income.

There are a variety of mind power techniques you can use that can help you manifest what you want. All you have to do is do it, and do it consistently. Some techniques work better for some people than others. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and find what type of mind power technique works for you. Once you find a technique that seems to suit you and your needs there is just ONE mental trick you need to learn. That trick is to be consistent. Set yourself a minimum amount of time to practice whatever mind power technique you choose. Start with just one time per day to focus on what you want. Below are three well known and long utilized mind power techniques for enhancing your income.

Build a Vision Board

This might conjure up images of many ‘new age’ practices. However, vision boards are one of the most powerful cues you can use to link the emotional results of what you want with the tangible actions of what you’re doing. It is about matching emotional power to specific actions. Vision boards has been around since humanity has had pictures to look at. Choose some photos or even art of your goals. If the goal is money then the pictures you want are of things you intend to buy with your increased income (putting up a bunch of numbers in not as effective unless numbers themselves excite you). If money means security then create a vision board of what security looks like for you. If money is grown-up toys like a boat, the ultimate computer or an expensive car then that is what your vision board should contain. If money means travel, then get up all those photos, pictures or even art that expresses travel in your mind.

For others, the motivation to increase their income is more family oriented. May you want a better life for your kids. Then your vision board should contain photos of your kids, the good schools you want them to attend or maybe a photo of the home you want your family to live in.

A vision board can take any type of form. You can put the pictures up on a physical board, like bulletin board in your office. Or, you can go 21st century and create a digital display that you view on your computer. You can create a private photo album. Whatever form a vision board takes does not matter. What matters is that you look at the vision board once a day for a few minutes. The more often you can look at your vision board the better. Updating your vision board every now ant then is add a little extra emotional juice towards manifesting these things you want and will be possible as the income and/or resources come your way to make your visions a reality.

Verbal Affirmations

The use of positive affirmations to attain what a person desires is an even older mind power technique than the vision board. The power of verbal affirmations pre-dates science and has long been known as a powerful mental technique for transforming one’s life (especially in the spiritual/metaphysical/religious world). But, if you are purely practical, un-religious type person then consider this – any business owner can confirm the power of words, especially sales people. The whole political world seems to survive on believing their own ‘spin’, regardless of how ridiculous it sometimes sounds. The use of verbally asserting a ‘truth’, over and over again, as been used for good or ill since the beginning of recorded human history. The reason the use of affirmation has never gone away is because it never stopped working.

In our case we want to focus on the power of positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements aimed at re framing your ideas (and especially your feelings) around success, wealth, or whatever it is you want to accomplish. Affirmation can work their way deeply into the unconscious and have impressive effects – but only if you let them.

To get the most from positive affirmations there are several key rules:
1) Positive, verbal affirmations are repeated daily, or as often as possible.

2) The structure of positive affirmations is important. Affirmations are always phrased in the present tense, because the sub-conscience mind understand the ‘future’ as always in the future, and never the present. So, when you say, "In the future I will be kinder" means in the future you are going to be kinder, which means ‘not now but in the future’. The future is always in the future so being kind now is not what you asked of yourself.

3)Affirmations should be specific and personalized. It is about ‘I’ and not ‘You’. In line with this is that affirmations should never be phrased negatively. Example: "I don’t get angry" is not an affirmation. What you subconscious hears is "I get angry". The word ‘not’ is really un-affirming. The mind tends to ignore negatives and focuses on the message larger message – "I get angry".

Here are some examples of positive, properly structured affirmations:

"I enjoy being confident. People feel they can rely on me!"
"I attract money like a magnet. I reach my goals of improving my income monthly."
"I feel motivated and enthusiastic about my life and find ways to make life better everyday."
"I am business smart. I make good choices"

Once you have created a few potent, positive, affirmations repeat them every morning as soon as you wake up (some people have found verbally repeating your affirmations in the morning mirror is very helpful). Repeat your affirmations every night before bed. The more you say them, the faster your brain will start to encode them as true and work to make them happen. Do not be surprised if at find you encounter resistance to your positive affirmations. The mind doesn’t like changes or unknowns so you might find a part of yourself fighting back by saying, "Why are you doing this! It is dumb", or "Why bother with affirmations? Who cares!". Do not worry about it. Your goal is simple. Just do the affirmations daily (try it for just 30 days and see what happens).

For a well designed and powerful affirmation program, check out Affirmations Software

Neurolinguistic Programming – Meditation – Potent Self-Help Tools

Practices such as neurolinguistic programming (NLP), self-help hypnosis and meditation can be very helpful in relaxing the mind and defining your business/income goals (plus helping you direct the mind to accomplish those goals). These self help techniques have largely been demystified and are very straight forward. You can find all sorts of information and help utilizing these techniques to get what you want out of life. Here are three sites where you can find some potent, down-to-earth services for the above mentioned techniques:
Easy Meditation
Secret NLP
Self Help Hypnosis

These practices take different approaches but generally fall into the same category: All of them respect the power of the mind and teach you practical ways to get around common mental obstacles.

The most important factor in all of these techniques is that you choose one or two and use them daily in order for them to work. As with anything else in life it is all about practice, practice, practice. There’s no getting around it. Repetition is the best way to train your brain. If you only show your brain what you want once a week and then focus on lunch, or getting paper work done, or what is on TV tonight, then how is your mind supposed to know information and actions are important? You DO have a mind. It is loaded with power and potential. Why not use it and use it wisely?

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