Tips When Visiting a Prison Inmate

Visiting a prison inmate comes with certain rules. From the prison officials point of view, the rule are in place to keep everyone safe from the prison guards to the visitors to the inmates themselves. The rules are also meant to make the jobs of the prison employees easier so that prison visits can go smoothly for everyone. The biggest tip when visiting a prison inmate is to remember that it does not matter if you agree with the rules or not. It does not pay to get … [Read more...]

Why Credit Report Disputes Never Seem To Get Resolved

You need a reasonable credit history to lead a decent life in the US. Everything from getting a job to renting or buying a house depends on what the three credit reporting bureaus say about how financially responsible you are. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus have no real way of knowing who is a responsible person and who is not. All they know is to listen to what the businesses you use have to say about you. These businesses, with millions of customers, often get … [Read more...]

Don’t Take a Foreclosure Lying Down

Do Not Just Accept an Unfair Foreclosure - You Can Challenge It in Court and Win Up until five years ago, challenging a foreclosure in court was a difficult proposition and only rarely pulled off successfully. The situation couldn’t be more different now. The media have reported constantly for years on how the mortgage lenders have exploited their authority and used predatory practices to throw people out of their homes. The good work done by consumer … [Read more...]

Divorce: Who Keeps The House?

Usually in a divorce, the couple that is divorcing needs to make the decision about who is going to keep the house. A couple needs to work with an attorney(s) and/or make sure that the courts address it. It is really up to the divorcing couple to decide who keeps the house or any additional property, or if the house/property will be sold and the money divided by the couple. There are other options, too, and it is important to make sure that the decision is best for … [Read more...]

Clearing Your Name: The Legal Process of Expungement

Is your criminal record haunting you? In the United States, an arrest or a conviction can remain on your permanent criminal record for years after you've paid your fines, served your sentence and completed your period of probation. Because your arrests, charges and convictions are a part of the public record, they can be accessed by any and all interested parties. How an open criminal record can affect your life When you apply for a new job, your potential … [Read more...]