How to Supercharge Your Relationship: Appreciation

If your relationship with your husband, wife, lover is starting to feel a little bit rocky despite the fact that you are both very much in love and committed to making it work, then it could be because you’ve stopped showing as much appreciation for one another. People seek appreciation from all of their relationships. Feeling unappreciated, taken for granted, especially when it comes to someone we love, can actually hurt. Saying, "I love you" can start to mean very little if it is not backed up with WHY I love you. Appreciation is a way to express specifics about love.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, both partners are usually very eager to show how much they appreciate each other. But over time, as couples become more comfortable, they tend to take the little things for granted. They forget to say "thank you" for the small sacrifices that their partner makes for them on a daily basis. Forgotten is telling your partner how you appreciate the way they care for you, assist you, make life more meaningful.

If you think that your relationship has gotten stale and you are beginning to feel under appreciated, don’t fret. Make the choice today to start acknowledging your partner and all that they do for you. If you appreciate that your husband or wife works all day to pay the bills, say so. If you appreciate the way your spouse cares for the kids, or parents, or helps out when needed, then speak up. If you appreciate that your boyfriend or girl friend or lover is committed to being with you, then open up and say you respect and appreciate those efforts.

In a worthwhile relationship, once one partner begins showing appreciation, the other will begin to do the same. Appreciation is not a contest. Nobody owes anyone appreciation. Showing appreciation is about giving voice to the unspoken feelings, perhaps feelings that have been drowned out by the challenges of everyday life. When a couple begins to show just a little appreciation on a daily basis things begin to improve. It is like giving water to overlooked flowers.

Appreciation Becomes the Spark to Rediscover Romance

At the start of your relationship you were likely swept off your feet with every kiss, every smile, and every touch. You may still love all of those things now, but, if you’re being honest with yourself, you likely take them for granted as well. If you start once again to notice and appreciate all of those small actions, you’ll be able to recapture some of those earlier romantic feelings. How hard is it to say, "I appreciate the way you always kiss me when you come home." Such appreciation sure does put some additional sizzle into the next kiss.

Appreciation Can Stop Some Fights Before They Start

One of the keys to stopping fights before they begin in a romantic relationship is to keep up a positive daily dialogue. It is a fact that any relationship expert will tell you. Being appreciative of your partner is the best way to remind yourself to give them compliments and encouragement throughout the day. If they do something nice for you, then point it out. If they accomplish something, then make sure you are right there to share in the joy. Having this kind of positive interaction can keep the two of you from fighting and becoming bitter towards one another.

Appreciation Generates a Sense of Security and Confidence

When people feel that their efforts are going unnoticed and unappreciated they tend to get insecure and question the state of their relationships. If you or your partner begin to feel unappreciated, then you may begin to worry that your relationship isn’t as good as it once was. You can begin to wonder what is wrong with your relationship, or worse, if the other person is looking else where to find appreciation. If you make sure to show your appreciation on a daily basis, then you can keep these thoughts from surfacing and possibly wreaking havoc on your relationship. It will certainly help your partner know that where they are is place they are appreciated.

Appreciation Tends to Make People Live Up to Expectations

When people feel that their efforts are appreciated, then they are usually more likely to put in even more effort. People who are appreciated tend to want to live up to expect ions, to be worth appreciating. If, on the other hand, nothing you do seems to make a difference nor earn you any recognition, then you probably figure that there is no point in doing anything extra or special. If you show appreciation for the little things that your partner does for you, then you can expect even more small gestures to show you how much they care.

Appreciation Brings People Together

Appreciation tends to bring a couple together. It seems to actually bind them together. By showing appreciation, both in word and deeds, will ultimately lead to a happier and healthier relationship. It can become a romantic relationship, again, and one where you feel closer and more connected to your partner. Don’t take each other for granted. If you have a relationship that works well and provides you both with love, then showing your appreciation for it will help that love continue well into the future. There is a certain power in gratitude that cannot be denied. Expressing appreciation will not just revive a relationship, it will supercharge it.

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