Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

In warm weather even the most sanitary kitchen can become a host to a swarm of fruit flies. Not only are fruit flies annoying, they can spread disease and pose a health risk. The problem is that once they establish residence in your kitchen they can invade your whole home. And, it can be very difficult to get rid of these insects. For many people, using poisons and/or toxins to get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen just doesn't seem to be wise. These poisons or toxins … [Read more...]

How I Got Rid of Mice Naturally With Spearmint Oil

The question of how to get rid of mice is never easy. Traps, poisons, electronic devices, and even cats have drawbacks. None of these options can guarantee that the mice will really go away. One female mouse, her offspring, and their subsequent offspring can add up to 2,500 mice in a six month period. It’s no wonder so many people spend their lives in a losing battle with mice. When choosing a method of mouse control, ethical considerations vary. Some people … [Read more...]