How I Got Rid of Mice Naturally With Spearmint Oil

The question of how to get rid of mice is never easy. Traps, poisons, electronic devices, and even cats have drawbacks. None of these options can guarantee that the mice will really go away. One female mouse, her offspring, and their subsequent offspring can add up to 2,500 mice in a six month period. It’s no wonder so many people spend their lives in a losing battle with mice.

When choosing a method of mouse control, ethical considerations vary. Some people feel that traditional traps are cruel and prefer live traps. Others complain that if live traps are used the mice will come back after they are released. Poisoning presents all kinds of problems from killing pets, and neighbors’ pets, to endangering children. There are electronic devices on the market designed to repel mice from your home. These devices claim to emit a frequency that is undetectable by humans but unbearable to mice. Unfortunately many people are sensitive to the frequency these devices emit and cannot tolerate them. A natural solution seems best, and the oldest solution, of course, is to get a cat. Some cats have no interest in mice. Of those who do catch mice, many cats will not eat the mouse and leave their disemboweled little bodies in wonderful places like just outside your bedroom door for you to step on with bare feet first thing in the morning. Due to allergies, landlords, or lifestyle, some people simply cannot have cats.

Children can present their own obstacles to the elimination of mice. When I was a child my parents could not do anything to the mice without my offended protest. My complaining about the dangers of poisons and the cruelty of traps became far more of a nuisance than the mice themselves. The only fair way to get rid of them, in my opinion, was to let the cat catch and eat them. She was very good at it.

When I started having mouse problems of my own I was at a loss. Traps presented bigger problems than just my old sentimental concerns. I remembered that they did little to control the mice. My parents were always trying to devise new ways to get the mice into the traps. They could bait them, but the mice would usually get the bait and snap the trap without getting caught.
I have a friend who would actually superglue and tie her bait to the traps, and they would still get the bait without ever snapping the trap. Of course, on the rare occasion that you do catch one, what do you do with the body? The same goes for poisons. When you manage to kill the little villains you still have the body to deal with. One reason for getting rid of mice is that they spread diseases. Handling and disposing of the mouse carcasses can’t be good for you.

Then, my mom told me about spearmint oil, and I have taken it a little farther. Spearmint oil is great! It is safe, non-toxic, and it makes your house smell fresh and pleasant. It is easy to use, requires little maintenance, and no dead bodies. No one complains about your morals and ethics, and the mice just seem to disappear. You can use it anywhere. Spearmint oil is safe for children and pets. If you cannot find spearmint oil, you can also use peppermint Oil. It is one of the best, natural ways to get rid of mice.

There are a few companies that sell spearmint and/or pepperment oil products specifically for getting rid of mice, but I prefer the DIY approach. The basic method is to get spearmint and/or peppermint oil, 100% pure essential oil, put about 10 drops on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball in you cabinets and drawers. Do this everywhere. I try to put one in every 2-4 square foot area where mice are congregating. Refresh the cotton balls every 2 months. This is totally sufficient, cheap, quick, and easy. The only problem is the look of used cotton balls when guests go to get a drinking glass out of your cabinets, or your mother-in-law decides to cook for you. Solving that problem can be fun and decorative. It is a little more time consuming, but not difficult. Simply find some fabric and ribbon. Any scraps you may have around the house will do, or you can get very fancy and buy matching fabrics for your decor. If you need to buy the fabric most fabric outlets sell remnants that work great. Cut the fabric into 3”x 3” squares. Place the cotton ball in the center, pull the corners up over the cotton ball, and tie with a piece of ribbon. When it is time to refresh simply untie the ribbon and put more oil on the cotton ball.

Trying to catch and/or kill the mice in your home is a filthy and futile process. No matter how many mice you kill, more will come to replace them. Repelling mice is the only way to have a mouse free home. Spearmint oil is a safe, clean, natural and effective way to rid you home of mice.

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