Identifying the Different Types of Fingerprints

Each and every individual fingerprint has its own unique characteristics that make it different from everyone else’s. In fact, fingerprints are so different that one person may be identified by his fingerprints alone. Many criminals are identified after leaving fingerprints behind at a crime scene. Forensic experts work together in order to find a positive match. Although each and every fingerprint is unique, each print has at least one specific pattern that it … [Read more...]

The Radical Evolution of the NRA – Brief History of the National Rifle Association

Over the decades, the NRA has become a powerful political force in American politics. However, the group’s beginnings were humble, and the goals of the organization have significantly changed over time. Some feel the NRA has become a more radical organization than it needs to be where gun laws are concerned. Naturally, NRA members would wholly disagree with this. There is no question, however, that the NRA is one of the most powerful lobbies in politics. How did … [Read more...]

Identifying and Defining Your Brand Image

Just as there’s no one-size fits all diet solution for weight loss, there’s no one-size fits all way to brand yourself as a small business owner. Yes, there will be “experts” out there who have a standardize questionnaire or routine method they’d like to take you through in a branding process. But branding organically is more complicated. Anyone can make you look a certain way, but unless it’s authentic to you, it probably … [Read more...]

Chickens in the City

A Look The Cultural Shift That Allow Chickens In Urban Communities The chickens have officially come home to roost! A number of cities around the country now allow residents to own chickens and raise them at home. Cities like New York City, Cleveland Heights, Portland, Oakland, and Chicago now allowing residents to raise chickens. Chickens are Residents Too! Each city has slightly different rules about how they must be maintained and the number that a single … [Read more...]

Your Rights When Dealing With Police

If you were approached by a police officer at this very moment and asked to answer some questions, what would you do? Would you cooperate fully, even if some of the questions you were asked felt uncomfortable or unnecessary? When dealing with the police, it is absolutely vital that you understand your constitutional rights. In the United States, everyone, whether a citizen, a resident or a visitor, has certain rights and responsibilities when speaking to the … [Read more...]