Get Your Life Into Balance With The Wheel of Life

There is a tool life coaches use to help their clients find life balance. The tool is referred to as the “Wheel of Life”. This tool has been adapted over the years, but has been said to resemble the Bhavacakra (Wheel of Becoming), a symbol found in Tibetan Buddhist art. The Buddhist wheel’s outside edge represents the continuous cycle of life, but that is where its similarity with the Western culture’s Wheel of Life ends.

The Western culture’s Wheel of Life is depicted on paper as a wagon wheel, which of course indicates that life is always in motion. Written in between each spoke of the wheel are terms describing various facets of life such as physical environment, career, finances, health, recreation, personal growth, relationships and so forth (adapted as desired). The idea is that each of these facets should regularly be evaluated in order to judge if any area of one’s life is out of balance.

Of course, a wheel out of balance wobbles. In life, that wobbling results in a person feeling unhappy, unhealthy, troubled, worried, bored or lonely. That is why the Wheel of Life works so well as a tool to help a person target the root cause of feelings of weariness or dissatisfaction.

Evaluate Your Life with a Wheel of Life Exercise

You can make your own wheel as described above, adding in the topic areas of your choice or using those below. Add in scale markings from one to ten along each spoke. Then mark your levels of satisfaction in each section, with “one” signifying the lowest level of satisfaction and “ten” signifying full satisfaction.

Here are a few categories you can use and a few prompting questions to ask yourself:

Physical Environment

Does your home provide all the necessities you need to function?
Does it promote feelings of peace and security?
Does it allow you to be hospitable?
How at peace are you with it?


Are you using your unique skills, gifts and abilities?
Do you feel challenged?
What level of satisfaction do you have from your work?
Is this where you are meant to be right now?


(Remember that most everyone wishes they had more money. Don’t base your rating on how much money you wish you had but on how balanced your cash flow is and if there is room for improvement.)

Do you make enough money to meet your basic expenditures?
Are you in the black or do you need to work on bringing balance to your checkbook?
Are your finances where they should be right now?
Is there something you can do to feel better about them?


Are you energetic and full of life?
Is your body flexible?
Are you regularly challenging your body with cardio and resistant work?
Are you eating healthily?
Do you get adequate sleep?

Fun and Recreation

Do you have regular outings that are fulfilling?
How often do you socialize with other people?
Do you have fun in your spare time?
Is your “play” in balance with your “work”?
Is your current level satisfactory?

Personal Growth

Are you learning anything new?
Do you have significant goals?
Are you open to learning?
Do you have time to learn?
Would you like to improve this area?


Do you take time to nurture your soul?
Do you relax, read or meditate?
Do you have positive faith?
Could this area use improvement?


Do you have a network of loving and supportive friends?
Do you have someone to confide in?
Do you have someone beyond your spouse to connect with?
Is there good communication with your significant other?
Are there relationships you have been ignoring?

Examine Your Results

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Once you have plotted your level of satisfaction in each of these areas, look at your results and ask yourself these questions:

1. Why am I low on satisfaction in some areas?
2. Which areas do I want to change the most?
3. What can I do to change my satisfaction level?
4. What would my life look like if my ratings were at the “ten” level?

The Power of Balance

The purpose of this exercise isn’t merely to draw attention to your shortfalls. The purpose is to have a check-up so that you can set goals and take steps towards achieving balance in your life. When you know the areas you’d like to improve in, you will be more ready to seize opportunities that open up because you will make a connection with them and what is missing in your life.

Life balance results in being a more well-rounded individual. This type of balance gives you the power to adapt to change easier, face disappointments better, become more efficient, and achieve more peace.

When you are in balance you will have more faith in life and those around you and you will be better equipped to move your life forward.

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