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Is Your Dog Psychic? Can Animals Sense The Paranormal?

The question of whether animals can exhibit psychic behavior when they are alive, or become ghosts when they are dead, is a controversial and interesting one. Animal lovers passionately will explain that the answer to both questions is an emphatic “yes”! On the other hand, many believe that animals do not have a soul which means they cannot return as ghosts. They argue that those who believe their pets can sense the presence of a paranormal in the vicinity … [Read more...]

Plight of Being Psychic in an Overly Rational World

This world can feel like a lonely, alienating (and sometimes even hostile) place for those who experience perceptions, sensations and insights that don't fit in neatly with the consensus reality. Possessing psychic gifts - second sight - a means 'seeing' what most others do not. Until a person has a psychic experience it is difficult to appreciate or understand what having clairvoyance, clairaudience or having 'flashes' of the past or future does to one's perception of … [Read more...]

Psychic Edgar Cayce on the Origins of Man

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an American psychic who answered questions and offered diagnoses for a multitude of maladies while in a trance state. This state of expanded consciousness brought him in touch with a psychic storehouse of information and wisdom that he referred to as the Universal Mind. Cayce believed that his gift was everyone’s birthright; all one needed was proper training and attunement. While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding his … [Read more...]

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp: Where the Dead Live

"What we are dealing with is a vast half-lit area, where nothing seems believable but everything is possible." Carl Jung Around the turn of the 20th century, Florida was an undeveloped wilderness of tropical foliage, moss-laden live oaks, and stately palms. This had already begun to change in the late 1800s when Henry Flagler moved to St … [Read more...]