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Near Record Number of UFO Sightings in Canada in 2013

According to UFOlogy Research there were a near record number of UFO sightings in Canada in 2013. With 1,180 reported sighting, 2013 becomes the second most active UFO year in Canada in the past 25 years. UFOlogy is a Winnipeg based organization and every year they publish the 'Canadian UFO Survey'. The year of 2012 hold the record for the most number of UFO sights with 2,000 sightings. Why the Spike in UFO Sightings? There are a number of theroies as to why the … [Read more...]

Mysterious UFO Encounters in Suffolk, UK

Something is happening in the skies above Suffolk, UK. This area has an unusually high incidence of UFO sightings covering a period of more than 50 years, including incidents as recent as 2011. It was the site of two of modern ufology’s most debated incidents, one of which has been called the “British Roswell,” and the fact that these events are documented in military records has brought them much publicity and serious scrutiny. They are the … [Read more...]

Did Aliens Visit Earth Disguised As Supernatural Beings?

As more planets are discovered, the likelihood of humanity being alone in the universe decreases. Many of these newly discovered planets are similar to earth, but some scientists are realizing that life may take vastly different forms form the types of life on earth. Could aliens have visited earth representing themselves (or be misunderstood to be) supernatural beings? Is it possible the only way to communicate with early humans without confusing humans was to pose as … [Read more...]

The Curious Case of UFO Sightings at the International Space Station

People from around the globe have long made claims for sightings of mysterious air or space craft. In most countries of the world, these enigmatic craft have come to be known as UFOs, a term that, as many people already know, is short for Unidentified Flying Objects. Though the number of ‘sightings’ has been rapidly rising over the past couple of decades, few, if any, of them have been taken seriously by modern-day scientists. The simple fact of the matter is that … [Read more...]