Near Record Number of UFO Sightings in Canada in 2013

According to UFOlogy Research there were a near record number of UFO sightings in Canada in 2013. With 1,180 reported sighting, 2013 becomes the second most active UFO year in Canada in the past 25 years. UFOlogy is a Winnipeg based organization and every year they publish the ‘Canadian UFO Survey’. The year of 2012 hold the record for the most number of UFO sights with 2,000 sightings.

Why the Spike in UFO Sightings?

There are a number of theroies as to why the UFO sightings spiked in 2012 and into 2013. The Research Directory for UFOloggy, Chris Rutkowski, has speculated that the media buzz about the Mayan Calender and end of the world had many folks looking towards the skys for any sign of the apocolipse coming from the heavens – and catching sight of mysterious lights in the sky. UFOlogy is one of the few, and best, places to report such sightings.

Others have speculated that because 2012 was the 4th warmest winter on record that more people were outside to catch sight of unusual happenings in the sky. However, since the cold returned to Canada in 2013, the weather would not explain why the UFO sighting continued in 2013.

There is also the theroy that as camera and video techology become more available, wide spread and higher quality, that more people are likely to film or photograph what they are seeing and seek an explaination. Having a UFO sighting without any evidence in hand can prove frustating since so many people refuse to take such sightings seriously, so, with a film or photo in hand, more people are feeling empowered to ask questions.

Who’s Seeing UFOs and What Are They Seeing?

The Canadian UFO Survey includes all sightings reported. The average time a UFO was observed was over 12 minutes. Most reported UFOs have logical explaination such as satellites or jet air traffic witnessed from an unusual position. However, about 14% of the sightings had to classified as unexplained. Among that 14% of sightings were some that involved actually seeing aliens and/or making some form of contact with aliens. Amoung those submitting UFO sightings were police, an air traffic controller, pilots and others with skills in observation and identification of air craft. According to the survey over 40% of 2013 UFO reports in Canada were from Ontario.

Among the more interesting UFO sightings were the former helicopter pilot who, in Portage la Prairie who with two other people, saw about 50 strange orange lights in pairs flying in the southwest and heading north. The group was able to watch the silent lights for five minutes until they disappeared. The former pilot was a skeptic about seeing UFOs until this encounter. Now, he says he is unsure what to believe.

There was also the UFO report involving two children out sledding in Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. The kids rushed to their and said they heard a beeping noise, then out of nowhere came a "flying hotel". It was a massive structure with protrusions and windows. The UFO rose, flew over a nearby house and quickly disappeared. Given how upset and frightened the kids were, the parents contacted the police. What made this particular report stand out was that the children held close to their story even when extensively questioned by police both together and seperately.

If you would like to read the Canadian UFO Survey report yourself go HERE.

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