Life on Mars? Maybe

Modern day Mars is not dissimilar to the most extreme deserts on Earth. It is a barren and desolate place, yet is still the subject of intense study and curiosity. Why is there such interest in this planet, and why do so many space scientists believe it may once have harbored life? Essentially, the presence of life on any planet or satellite is determined by five key factors: 1. Temperature. For life to exist, the temperature of a planet must allow water to … [Read more...]

The Curious Case of UFO Sightings at the International Space Station

People from around the globe have long made claims for sightings of mysterious air or space craft. In most countries of the world, these enigmatic craft have come to be known as UFOs, a term that, as many people already know, is short for Unidentified Flying Objects. Though the number of ‘sightings’ has been rapidly rising over the past couple of decades, few, if any, of them have been taken seriously by modern-day scientists. The simple fact of the matter is that … [Read more...]