The Curious Case of UFO Sightings at the International Space Station

People from around the globe have long made claims for sightings of mysterious air or space craft. In most countries of the world, these enigmatic craft have come to be known as UFOs, a term that, as many people already know, is short for Unidentified Flying Objects.

Though the number of ‘sightings’ has been rapidly rising over the past couple of decades, few, if any, of them have been taken seriously by modern-day scientists. The simple fact of the matter is that there are a lot of UFO skeptics out there. The existence of UFOs is a hotly contested subject that is made even hotter by the lack of ‘hard’ evidence available.

Almost all of the purported evidence for UFOs is in the form of sightings. However, a few photographs and videos do exist. Many of these are taken by everyday people and are of poor quality so they are not taken too highly by experts. That is until recently. In the past few months, a flurry of videos that has been uploaded onto YouTube and claim to be of UFOs, has gained a lot of steam in the UFO community.

The most interesting of these videos are ones that have been taken at the International Space Station (ISS), hundreds of miles above Earth. The space station’s cameras, run by NASA, broadcast a time-delayed feed to televisions back home. The footage is then archived and can be viewed by the public at their leisure.

A surprisingly large number of people spend an even more surprisingly large amount of time watching the ISS’s video feeds. When they spot something out of the ordinary, something that they deem to be an UFO, they upload it online to let the world know.

What is most interesting about these videos – other than the sheer volume of them – is that they are taken with government cameras. Unlike a random farmer standing out in a field with a disposable camera, the NASA-operated cameras aboard the ISS are high-quality and run by experts. Many UFO believers take this as strong evidence that the images of UFOs in some of the videos are valid.

However, UFO skeptics are, well, still skeptical. Many of the most popular videos of UFOs at the ISS are short and blurry. Yes, there are some unexplained objects in them, but this is largely because of the speed of the craft and the focus of the camera. The NASA cameras generally focus on Earth so objects in the foreground tend to be blurry. Most UFO skeptics claim that the objects seen at the International Space Station aren’t really UFOs at all. They say that they are just another case of mistaken identity – thinking that something normal is something paranormal.

Whichever way you lean, UFO believer or UFO skeptic, it’s hard to deny that the many cases of sightings at the International Space Station are curious and interesting. What’s more curious though is that none of the astronauts aboard the ISS have seen any signs of UFOs themselves. Is this further evidence that mistaken identity took place? That people are seeing things because they want to see them? Or is it a hint of a secret government plot to hide UFOs from the general population…are the astronauts just not saying that they saw them?

Check out NASA’s live video stream from the International Space Station to see for yourself. Maybe you will spot something that no one else has yet.

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