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Does Telepathy in Twins Prove Telepathy?

If you've ever had the sudden feeling of knowing that something has happened to a loved one, usually something dangerous or even life-threatening, then you are not alone. Many people, even in our modern, scientific, and increasingly secular culture, report having felt some sort of telepathic connection to another person. They may know when that person is in trouble, when that person is about to call, or what that person is about to say or think. It should come as no … [Read more...]

Civil War Reenactors Tend To Experience Paranormal Activity More Than Others

Many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators know that the group who tend to have the most paranormal experiences are people who reenact battles, especially when those reenactments take place at the actual historical battlefields. In the U.S., the group who tend to have a disproportional number of paranormal encounters compared to the general population are the Civil war reenactors. There are no reliable surveys and scientific research seems to be non-existent, … [Read more...]