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Ah, love, source of our greatest joys and suffering. In this section you will find an abundance of love and relationship articles offering advice to find and keep the love of your life or sooth your wounded heart and help you move on. May love find you and stay ...

How to Handle Conflicts in Romantic Relationships

If you think you can have a love relationship with conflict, think again. The real key to lasting relationships is the ability to deal with disagreements and conflicts. That's because no matter who you are, nor how much you are in love, in time there will be disagreements. The key is to not allow trivial disagreements and minor conflicts to escalate into something that results in hurt feelings or serious anger. How do you do prevent disagreements getting out of … [Read more...]

Perfectionism in an Intimate Relationship

An individual’s inability to accept anything less than what he or she perceives as perfect in a partner can lead to huge difficulties in an intimate relationship. While most of us learn to live with and ultimately love those annoying, sometimes endearing little habits we discover in our partners (as well as ourselves), it’s a perfectionist’s inability to do just that causes problems. Their unrealistic and unreasonable expectations of a partner can make it almost … [Read more...]

How to Supercharge Your Relationship: Appreciation

If your relationship with your husband, wife, lover is starting to feel a little bit rocky despite the fact that you are both very much in love and committed to making it work, then it could be because you've stopped showing as much appreciation for one another. People seek appreciation from all of their relationships. Feeling unappreciated, taken for granted, especially when it comes to someone we love, can actually hurt. Saying, "I love you" can start to mean … [Read more...]

Sweep Her Off Her Feet: Tips for the First Date

You did it. You met an awesome woman. You got her number. And you got her to go out with you. All of those can be nerve-wracking in their own right, but now comes to the true test: the first date. Everyone guy wants to set up a perfect first date, but in all honesty, there's no real formula for a perfect first date. Every woman is different and has different needs and expectations. But if you follow these five simple tips, you'll be sure to have a great time. And more … [Read more...]

The Five Greatest Women Pirates

Piracy is an ancient trade, both celebrated and vilified. The best known pirates from Blackbeard to the fictional Jack Sparrow are men. However, women throughout history have carved a place for themselves among the sea rovers. Over a thousand years and five continents, these five women have pillaged their way into the history books. Princess Sela The earliest known woman pirate, Sela was a princess of Norway and sister of the King, Koller. The ancient historian Saxo … [Read more...]