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Basic SEO For The Beginner

Many website owners have questions about the visits they receive from search engines such as Google. Have you ever wondered why Google shows your competitors more prominently than you? Or what you can do to improve your website in the eyes of a search engine? There are many different reasons why Google may place you higher or lower in its results, from HTML tags to the speed at which your website loads. Following the tips listed below can have a big impact on the number … [Read more...]

Ways to Increase Visitor Retention, Lower Your Website Bounce Rate

Google is constantly tweaking its algorithms to display quality web pages for its search results. One of the important metrics that Google uses to determine quality is bounce rate - the percentage of visitors that arrive to a page on your site and leave without visiting more pages. If your site has a super high bounce rate, it means too many of your web pages are not holding the attention of your visitors when they arrive. In Google’s eyes, this means that your … [Read more...]

Great Business Websites Need Great Web Designers

The relationship between a business and a web designer tends to be a difficult one. It is rare that people who run a business understand what is involved in web design and operating on the Internet. Often web designers see business owners as either: 1) disconnected and unrealistic about Internet work. Or 2), too involved with the meaningless details of a web site and too worried about costs too reap the full rewards of Internet marketing. When the relationship between … [Read more...]

Website Facelift: Add Beauty To Your Web Site

A website should be more than practical or just convey information. Good looking web sites, with good functionality, usually do better online ... With all the tips and tricks out there to design a good-looking, user-friendly website, it’s somewhat amazing that most websites are designed to be wall-flowers that barely rate a second glance. Luckily, your website layout has nothing to do with genetics and airbrushes! In fact, it doesn’t even take a fortune … [Read more...]