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Our culture and society section is an eclectic collection of articles which comment on or record the history of society and culture. Topics range from the controversial and political to the unusual and even the mundane. Enjoy.

Frederic William Henry Myers: Psychology’s Forgotten Genius

When psychology students study the history of their discipline, there is often a curious omission in what they are taught. Very few mentions are ever made of a man known as Frederic W. H. Myers. Myers was a close and dear friend of William James, who most psychology students do know about and whose influential book, "Principles of Psychology," earned him the right to be called the "Father of American Psychology." James and Myers shared many interests, … [Read more...]

The Role of Angels in Everyday Life

According to the Bible, angels serve as intermediaries between God and humans. They are often referred to in scripture as messengers with the ability to intervene in human lives. In a recent survey conducted by Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion, approximately one in five adults say they believe they have been protected by a guardian angel at some point in their lives even though they do not consider themselves to be religious. It seems that belief in … [Read more...]

How Vulnerable Is the U.S. Power Grid to Terrorist Attack?

Americans have become familiar with hearing stories about blackouts due to weather-related events. After hurricanes and super storms, there are reports of millions of households being without power. Repair teams from across the country and even from across our borders descend upon the affected region to assist in getting the lights back on. Generally the number of households without power steadily decreases, with those in remote regions or in extremely damaged areas … [Read more...]

Pride: Gay History and Symbols

Every year the gay community and their supporters celebrate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the beginning of the gay rights movement. The community gathers to celebrate the most recent accomplishments and to take a moment to pause and recall those who called themselves gay and worked towards equality against often cruel repression and persecution. It was the altruistic acts and sacrifices of generations of gay individuals that blazed a trail allowing other … [Read more...]

The Bizarre Origins of Some Common Phrases

Every language has its fair share of bizarre, common sayings which people, over time, have forgotten where the phrase originated. When we say something like "gets our goat," or "the cat's pajamas" or is "willy nilly," we usually do so without with out really knowing the original source behind the phrase. Every common phrase or idiom has a time and place where it began. Often, knowing the origins of common (though unusual) phrases will add a … [Read more...]