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Ayahuasca: The Visionary Brew

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic brew, named after the ayahuasca vine, which has been traditionally used by the people of the Amazon for healing and spiritual guidance. Ever since its "discovery" (by the West) in the 1950s, ayahuasca has slowly spread in popularity all across the world, boasted in large part by the pioneering psychonaut, Terrence McKenna. The ayahuasca vine itself does not contain the hallucinogenic compound responsible for effects that the brew can have … [Read more...]

Surviving Christmas: Ideas for Grinches

Christmas: What is so merry about it? The Christmas holiday is falling into a pit of snakes (or having the in-laws visit and act happy about it). Christmas is having to spend too much money on people you only remotely care about and then feel stupid (when they don't give you a gift back) or guilty (when they buy you an expensive, thoughtful gift). Christmas is hearing that is all about 'peace on earth, good will toward men' while watching people run over each other to … [Read more...]

The Silent Procession of Amsterdam: One Man’s Vomit Becomes an International Blessing

Every year in March, people from around the globe gather in the Holland's city of Amsterdam to participate in the Stille Omgang, or "Silent Procession", also sometimes called the "Miracle Procession". This procession commemorates the 'Miracle of the Host' which is suppose to have occurred on March 15, 1345. This is a beautiful ritual to commemorate a miracle with origins that are less than romantic. Though it started in the 16th Century as a Catholic … [Read more...]

Think Before You Put Acid In Your Mouth (No, Not That Kind Of Acid)

Each time you sit in a dentist’s chair, worried about when she will take out the drill tip, you probably vow to yourself that you will pay any price and take any preventive steps necessary to have this never happen again. If you’re serious about that promise you’ve made to yourself, it’s time to make good on it. Certainly, you need to brush regularly and see the dentist once every couple of months to catch any dental problems early. You also … [Read more...]

Growing The Venus Fly Trap

While browsing the plants in your local gardening center, building supply store, or even grocery store, most likely you have seen a Venus Fly Trap for sale. Maybe you even bought one, and diligent gardener that you are, you made sure to follow the growing instructions that came with it. Let me guess what happened next. It died after a while, didn't it? The good news is that it wasn't your fault. The people working in these stores typically do not know anything … [Read more...]