How Vulnerable Is the U.S. Power Grid to Terrorist Attack?

Americans have become familiar with hearing stories about blackouts due to weather-related events. After hurricanes and super storms, there are reports of millions of households being without power. Repair teams from across the country and even from across our borders descend upon the affected region to assist in getting the lights back on. Generally the number of households without power steadily decreases, with those in remote regions or in extremely damaged areas … [Read more...]

Mixed Martial Arts: True Sport or Mindless Brutally

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, has always had a mixed reputation for it's form of near unrestricted hand-to-hand combat. The sport's rules, which allow fighters to strike with knees and elbows, and continue to pummel a fallen opponent, ground fighting with choke holds, make it clear that MMA is indeed the ultimate style of fighting. Though many are offended by such an apparently rule-less form of combat, crowds are being drawn to MMA venues such as Ultimate Fighting … [Read more...]