Why You Should Be Taking Cold Showers

Let’s face it – almost everybody hates cold showers. Family members and roommates get angry at each other for using up all of the hot water because cold showers are miserable, uncomfortable, and make it impossible to stay under the water long enough to feel like we’ve gotten everything properly cleaned.

But there are actually some very good health reasons for why taking cold showers might be a great idea. Take a look at these 5 reasons below, and give it a try if you feel like you’re up to the task. It might be almost unbearable at first, but keep it up and before long you’ll find yourself looking forward to the challenge.

Cold Showers Increase Fat Loss

Want to increase fat loss? Did you know some people have actually lost weight by simply switching to cold showers once a day for 5 minutes? When you take a cold shower your body responds by ramping up the fat burn to compensate for heat loss. This effect can last hours after you take a cold shower. Cold showering can also alter the type of fat your body generates from ‘white’ fat (let’s just say that is not good for you) to ‘brown’ fat, which is a type of fat your body can burn quickly when need. If you think I’m kidding, just do a little research online.

Cold Showers Cam Improve Your Mood

Let’s start with the main mental health benefits that you can reap from cold showers. Cold showers can help to improve your overall mood and even lessen the symptoms of depression. This is because the intense cold activates the high amount of cold receptors on your skin, sending noradrenaline rushing to the brain. It is thought that depression may be caused in part by a lack of noradrenaline, and many modern antidepressants target this neurotransmitter along with serotonin.

Cold Showers Can Bolster Your Immunity

While a lot of people are under the impression that simply being cold can cause one to become sick, the truth is that intermittent exposure to cold water can actually strengthen the immune system and keep colds and flues at bay. People who regularly take cold showers or baths have been shown to have higher levels of white blood cells, lymphocytes, and T helper cells, all of which are important for fighting off viruses and bacteria.

Cold Showers Can Decrease Inflammation

If you have persistent trouble with painful inflammation, then this may be the most compelling reason for you to start taking cold showers. This is also a good idea to help decrease inflammation after a workout. The cold water decreases inflammation by constricting your veins enough for the swelling in your body to go down, and for your muscles and tendons to begin repairing themselves.

Cold Showers Can Give You Healthier Skin and Hair

Hot water doesn’t do any favors for your skin or your hair. It dries out your hair and washes important oils away from your face, leaving your skin dry and more likely to break out. Cold water, on the other hand, tightens your cuticles and makes your hair stronger and healthier. It also washes your skin but does so in a much less abrasive manner, leaving it looking smoother and cleaner.

Cold Showers Can Increase Circulation

The shock of the cold water can greatly increase your blood circulation, and better blood circulation can go a long way towards decreasing your chances of hypertension, or high blood pressure. Give your heart and your arteries and bit of a workout by enduring the discomfort of cold water once in a while, and you’re looking at much more energy, strength, and vitality. Next time you run out of hot water, consider thanking the person responsible!

Tips: It is a SHOCK to the body to step into a cold shower, so you want to be sure your body and health is ready for it. If you have health issues, check with your doctor before starting a cold shower regiment. To be safe, you might want to start slow and build up with cold showering. Maybe start by turning down the hot water for a few minutes or seconds after a hot shower, then gradually, each shower, decrease the hot water and increase the time from a few seconds to a minute. Try and work up to 5 minutes. Cold is relative: Cold tap water in Florida is likely warmer than tap water in Alaska during mid-winter. Don’t be afraid to control your cold shower with a little heat. You will quickly discover that 60 degree water is pretty dang cold … even 70 degree water (when you are not use to it) can be effective. With practice and some time, you’ll be surprised at how cold you will be able to make the water and sustain the shower.

Yes, cold showers may seem crazy, but there is no denying the health benefits that have been scientifically documented. Do cold showers for health … and long hot showers from time to time just because you deserve it.

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