Five Common Weight Loss Myths

Losing weight can be a challenge. Keeping it off can prove to be an even bigger challenge however. From the many weight loss tips that circulate through the dieting world, a number of myths have arisen. Following are five of the most popular dieting myths:

Myth #1

Extreme Dieting is the Healthiest Way to Lose Weight

The new extreme diets that are currently taking the world of weight loss by storm certainly seem to be the best and healthiest way to shed those extra pounds. After all, they incorporate healthy eating, calorie counting, and exercise into one convenient plan. Many people seem to be losing a lot of weight quickly with extreme diets. The primary problem with these diets however, is that the effects are rarely permanent. Most extreme diets are so exhausting and strenuous that it is difficult for dieters to keep up the routine once the initial weight loss goal has been achieved. As a result, they often tend to revert back into their old habits. While they may continue to eat healthy for a while, they often feel so guilty about backsliding on their exercise routine that they eventually fall right back into their old eating patterns as well.

Myth #2

Crash Dieting is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Starving yourself is not a healthy or efficient method of losing weight. Many dieters fall under the assumption that they will lose weight quickly by crash dieting. While you may lose a fair amount of weight in the beginning, you will eventually be starving yourself for nothing. Depriving the body of food and the nutrients it needs to function properly causes it to start slowing down. As awful as it may sound, you are essentially tricking your body into thinking it is dying. It thinks it no longer needs those essential vitamins and nutrients, so it starts to slow down. Eventually, your rate of metabolism will become so slow that your weight will merely come to a stand-still. Not only is crash dieting ineffective, it is extremely dangerous method of weight loss.
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Myth #3

You Can Lose Weight Simply By Eating the Right Foods

Many dieters seem to believe they can adequately lose weight by simply eating the right foods and avoiding those food items that are known to cause weight gain. If you are only interested in losing a few extra pounds, this method of weight loss might prove to be effective. However, if you have a substantial amount of weight that you need to lose, you are going to have to do more than just learn how to eat healthier. An effective weight loss plan incorporates healthy eating with an adequate workout routine. You don’t have to wear yourself down to the point of total exhaustion like some extreme diets require, but you do need to find an exercise routine that is right for you and stick with it. As you slowly begin to eat right and get into a solid workout routine, your energy levels will begin to increase and those extra pounds will fall off quickly.

Myth # 4

Stay Away from Dairy

Dairy products have received a bad rap over the years. The majority of dieters will stay away from most dairy products when they are trying to lose weight because they believe these products are high in fat and will only make them gain weight rather than lose it. Some fad diets even go to the extent of cutting dairy completely from the diet. In reality, this is not a good idea. While many dairy products do contain a fair amount of fat calories, they are also an important source of necessary nutrients and vitamins. The body needs many of these nutrients to function correctly and maintain adequate energy levels. Dairy provides protein to help build muscles, calcium to strengthen bones, and vitamin D to assist the body in absorbing the proper amounts of calcium. These nutrients are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the amount of energy needed to successfully lose weight.

Myth #5

You Can Stop Dieting After You Lose Weight

Perhaps the greatest myth about dieting is that you can eventually stop. This could not be further from the truth. This is because you are not really dieting at all. You are learning how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Those who have an excessive amount of weight to lose may need to put forth some extra work to shed those excess pounds in the beginning, but a healthy routine should never stop if you intend to keep those pounds off. Once you have reached your initial weight loss goal, you may be able to slow your exercise routine down a little and splurge occasionally on a double hot fudge sundae or greasy hamburger, but you should maintain the healthy diet and workout routine that has been successful for you.

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