Pros and Cons of Dating Versus Being Friends

Have you ever fallen in love with one of your friends? Or at least started to like them enough to consider dating them? If you have, then you’re not alone. Many people become confused when the line between friendship and romance blurs and are faced with choosing between remaining friends or starting to date. However, before making a decision, it is smart to consider the pros and cons of dating versus being friends. Many people who start to date their friends actually … [Read more...]

Are You Speaking the Same Love Language as Your Partner?

Are You Speaking the Same Love Language as Your Partner? Being in love is an amazing, intense feeling. At least, it is at first. After a while, a relationship can become a little bit dull and kind of mundane. This doesn’t mean that a couple has fallen out of love and it certainly doesn’t mean that the spark cannot be reignite. The key to staying blissfully in love lies in, you’ve guessed it, communication. Not just any kind of communication, but … [Read more...]

Coming Out To Family And Friends

You’ve come to terms with your sexuality, but you are afraid that your family and your friends will reject you. It could be that your family and friends are religious and feel strongly about what they will refer to as your “decision” or “lifestyle”. It might be that the your friends and family will attach social stigmas to your revelation. Before you come out, there are some things to keep in mind that will make the process of coming out and being out easier for you, for … [Read more...]