Easy Way to Make Hard Apple Cider

Have you ever wanted to explore the hobby of home brewing? There is nothing quiet like making your delicious, alcoholic beverages for a fraction of the cost of commercial products. Maybe you are concerned about chemical additives common in commercially brewed beverages. Well, you are in luck. You have found a article and information to brew your own hard apple cider, easy. First, let's clearly state that you need to find out what's the legal drinking age in your … [Read more...]

Fun and Interesting Facts About Easter

For some people, Easter is a holiday for coloring eggs, Easter egg hunts and chocolate Easter bunnies. However, there is much more to Easter than just chocolate and colorful eggs. Some people consider the holiday as strictly a religious occasion, while others see it as the official beginning of Spring. There are many fun and interesting facts surrounding the holiday, and some of Easter's origins even occurred before the advent of Christianity. The word, Easter, … [Read more...]

Tips For a Healthier Coffee Habit

To many of us, a day without coffee is a day without sunshine. Coffee is liquid sunshine. A hot cup of good coffee is comforting. It is energizing. The warm cup in our hand feels like we are hanging-up being with a good friend. Coffee always seems to be there when we need it and even when we don't. Bottom line: We coffee lovers need our coffee. Yet, many health experts criticize the coffee habit that many people have. They would rather that coffee lovers breakup their … [Read more...]

Brief History of the Roman Colosseum

Nothing seems to symbolize ancient Rome like the Colosseum (also called the Coliseum). For nearly 2,000 years the Colosseum still captures the imagination and is still the subject of research. Construction of the Colosseum was begun by the Flavian emperor Vespasian in AD 72 and was opened to the Roman public by Vespasian’s son, Titus, in AD 80. When completed and opened to the public the Colosseum was an awe inspiring structure that is thought could hold … [Read more...]

Absinthe: The History of the Green Fairy

If you thought Marijuana was the first green, natural intoxicant banned for it's reported effects on the human mind, you would be wrong. Over a hundred years before marijuana was banned in 1937 in the U.S., Europe had an outbreak of it's own form of 'reefer madness'. It was a green, potent, alcoholic drink called 'Absinthe'. Like marijuana, absinthe was embraced by artists of all types and the banning of absinthe was based not on facts, but on fear, mistrust and the … [Read more...]