How to Avoid Toxic Water

We all need water to survive. And we all know the importance of getting enough water each day. Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial to maintaining our health and allowing our body to function optimally. However, water can be a major source of toxic substances. But what are toxins anyway? And how do they get into the water supply? These questions are answered below, along with suggestions to ensure that the water you drink is as toxin free as possible. What are … [Read more...]

Hot Weather Illnesses: Know the Symptoms and Protect Yourself!

Summer’s hot temperatures offer special dangers for those who work or play outdoors. Extended periods of time in the mid-day heat can cause severe dehydration, heat stroke and even death. Even if you are accustomed to being outdoors in the heat, you should be alert to symptoms of overheating and be prepared to go indoors and apply the remedies. Failure to do so could mean an extended stay in the hospital or worse. Understanding Dehydration The human body … [Read more...]

Common Herbs and Their Dangerous Drug Interactions

Most people think that because herbs are natural, they must be safe. For long, many herbs have been touted as natural cures for various ailments or for their abilities to enhance general wellbeing. That is, however, not the case. Herbal products and supplements are not as stringently controlled, nor have they had a lot of research done on them, so the effects that they have on people who are on prescribed or over-the-counter drugs are not well known. Manufacturers are … [Read more...]

Witchy Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

Ancient witches’ lore and modern knowledge of plants may produce the winning concoction you need to combat the evils of cold and flu season. Once upon a time, witches met their peril simply by having such actionable knowledge of the natural world. In fact, their powers were not supernatural at all, but their mixes, potions, and drinkable spells could often lead to a palatable (if not too tasty) cure. A witchy connection to plants dates all the way back to the … [Read more...]

The Costs of Alternative Medical Treatments

More and more people are using alternative medical treatments these days. Some try alternative medical treatments for the novelty of the idea while others seek them in their frustration with conventional medicine. Many people are learning of the numerous benefits of alternative medicine and are satisfied with the results. You can use alternative medical treatments either as a complement to your present conventional medical care or as a real "alternative" or … [Read more...]