Major Sports Articles

Fantasy Football for Newbies

Fantasy football has become very popular in the last couple of years. Hardcore football fans and casual NFL observers are all getting involved in fantasy football. Not only is it fun, but it is a chance to bond with other people who share a common interest. You may think fantasy football is only for serious football fans. It isn't. Fantasy football has an important social component. With it you can: Bond with friends and co-workers who play fantasy football by joining … [Read more...]

The Rise of the Mobile Quarterbacks

Mobile quarterbacks have always been a popular topic of conversation among NFL analysts and fans. The potential duel threat of a quarterback who could as easily run the ball for ten yards as throw it for ten has always been tantalizing. In college mobile quarterbacks have led many teams to championships. For a variety of reasons, however, most of these quarterbacks failed to work out once they reached the NFL level. Defenders are faster in the NFL and able to close … [Read more...]

Tips On Golf Equipment

Blaming your moves, shots and swings for your golf mishits and mishaps? Well, no matter how much time and effort you have been spending over practicing your moves to perfect your game, you still won't achieve your goal if you use unsuitable or defective types of golf equipment, will you? Now is high time for you to consider the following golf tips that involve checking on your equipment's quality. If you plan to choose used golf clubs as beginner's tools, … [Read more...]