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How Ego Prevents Spiritual Awareness

A lot of people confuse having a healthy self-esteem with being self-absorbed or narcissistic. In a society that has affirmed that being a little selfish is good and encourages people to embrace the “me-first” mentality, it’s understandable why the line becomes blurred. For those on a spiritual quest to ascend beyond the earth plane, identifying the ego becomes of paramount importance. Some spiritually-advanced people describe the ego as the dark shadow … [Read more...]

Witchy Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

Ancient witches’ lore and modern knowledge of plants may produce the winning concoction you need to combat the evils of cold and flu season. Once upon a time, witches met their peril simply by having such actionable knowledge of the natural world. In fact, their powers were not supernatural at all, but their mixes, potions, and drinkable spells could often lead to a palatable (if not too tasty) cure. A witchy connection to plants dates all the way back to the … [Read more...]

Ancient Language Of Sanskrit

Sanskrit is an Indo-Aryan language which was used in ancient times. It was the primary language of Hinduism, and most of the scholarly work of Jainism and Buddhism was also written in Sanskrit. In current times, it is one of twenty two languages of India, and is also an important part of Indo-European studies. Sanskrit is thought to mean put together, constructed, or refined. The language itself refers to Sanskrit as “the cultured language”. It was and still is known … [Read more...]

What Is Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a holiday that is celebrated by Jewish people during the winter season. In the United States, the holiday is celebrated for eight subsequent nights. The dates of the holiday vary by year, as the Jewish year is governed by the lunar (versus solar) calendar. The holiday usually takes place sometime during the month of December. One of the most important traditions of Hanukkah is the lighting of the menorah. Each night, another candle is light until all nine … [Read more...]

Angels In Christianity

Angels are regarded in Christianity as spirits who are messengers of God and feature quite often in both the New Testament and Old Testament of the Christian Bible. The word angel means messenger in Greek and Hebrew, and the explanation of angels commonly found in Christianity is that they are the messengers of God or the hands of the messenger of God, carrying out God’s tasks. There is also a theoretical area of study about angels known as angelology. Angels are … [Read more...]