How Ego Prevents Spiritual Awareness

A lot of people confuse having a healthy self-esteem with being self-absorbed or narcissistic. In a society that has affirmed that being a little selfish is good and encourages people to embrace the “me-first” mentality, it’s understandable why the line becomes blurred. For those on a spiritual quest to ascend beyond the earth plane, identifying the ego becomes of paramount importance. Some spiritually-advanced people describe the ego as the dark shadow that hinders a person’s true identity or spirit. Without an ego, a person is free to be act in a place of pure energy, honesty and love.


When people become jealous, it’s often because they compare themselves to other people. They may be replaying the “tapes” in their minds that they heard as children. Experts say the negative messages children hear often become part of their subconscious thoughts. The key to becoming more evolved spiritually is to reprogram the mind with more positive messages about the self. When people find their specific life purposes that only they can fulfill, they have no reason to be jealous of others.


Those who are led by the ego are often drawn to a life of consumerism. They may become greedy in the pursuit of money. Once the ego is removed from the picture, the spirit is able to move more creatively. A spiritually enlightened person realizes that material possessions are fleeting and meaningless, yet easily obtained. They give up the struggle to become rich because they are rich.


Individuals who have found enlightenment say they had a stressful life when they were ruled by their egos. A person with a fragile ego can be easily disappointed and hurt. Those who live in the spirit find peace even in the midst of difficult life struggles. They have confidence not in their own abilities and wisdom, but in the greater goodness of God.


People who are insecure may boast about how they look or their many skills and talents. Those who live in the spirit go about life with in a more humble way. When a person takes pride in how they look or their accomplishments, they are ruled by the ego. When a person takes pride in the wonders of the earth and the universe, they are ruled by the spirit. Their natural inclination is then, not to boast, but to be grateful.


Dishonesty with others begins with self-deception. Human beings are the only creatures who tell themselves lies, oftentimes about how inadequate, bad or ugly they are. Some humans try to hide the truth about who they think they are because of their egos. Humans, in their spiritual form, are perfect. It’s the ego that disfigures and distorts reality.


Before humans learn to hate other people, they start by hating themselves. Hating others is self-hatred that is directed outward. Some souls are tormented by their egos that remind them they aren’t as attractive, wealthy, smart or skilled as others. People who live in the spirit only love. They know no hatred.

Most of the problems strangers, friends and family members have with each other stems from the interaction of hurt egos. To resolve conflicts with others, a person should first become introspective, reflecting on they may feel hurt or threatened. Because of the ego, a person can easily misinterpret the actions and words of others. To ascend spiritually, an individual cannot project his or her insecurities and problems on another person. Instead, spiritual gurus say an individual needs to take back the power and make a choice to feel as they wish to feel.

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