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In this section you will find articles to both help you both understand social media and networking, and improve your ability to use this new, powerful technology. Enjoy.

How to Gain More Instagram Followers

Instagram is a social media platform allowing users to share pictures with followers from all over the world. While Instagram can be viewed on a laptop and mobile device, you can only upload photographs from your mobile phone. It is popular among celebrities, as well as regular people, and the theme can be anything from food to fashion. As with any social platform, the point of having a blog is to have an audience. In the case of Instagram, these are called … [Read more...]

How to Respond to Negative Comments on Your Blog

Unfortunately, no matter how committed you are to providing excellent blog content on a regular basis, you will never be able to please absolutely everyone. On occasion, even the best blogs will receive negative comments ranging from constructive criticism to outright trolling or disruptive spam. In other situations, someone may post negative comments about your blog on another website or social network, which can be even more troublesome, since you likely won't have any … [Read more...]

Does Your WordPress Site Cut SEO Corners?

WordPress is bigger than most people think – it runs 15% of the world’s websites, according to a 2012 article in Forbes magazine. You can have great Google ranking success with WordPress. To power your website with the WordPress CMS system doesn’t make it amateurish. It does compromise a website’s ranking ability, though, to simply use the default settings that it comes with. If you are doing your own business website on the WordPress platform, … [Read more...]

Twitter 101: The Basics Explained

The Internet is constantly evolving. No sooner do you get one social web site figured out when something new, interesting and useful come around. This is the trend in social networks. From Friendster to MySpace to Facebook the trend is the same, social media is always in flux. The relatively newest social tool is Twitter, and though many people have heard of it there are millions who have yet to check it out. You may not be a social media diva or have any interest in … [Read more...]

Understanding Twitter: The Power of Hashtags

Twitter is the simplest of the major social networks but the most powerful for marketers. Its hashtag (#) system allows you to reach out to groups with specific interests, and to engage with them over time. Twitter allows for instant impact, and long-term relationship building. The Benefits of Twitter and are on-line social networks based on pre-existing relationships. When you join you seek out your family, friends, and business contacts. … [Read more...]