Understanding Twitter: The Power of Hashtags

Twitter is the simplest of the major social networks but the most powerful for marketers. Its hashtag (#) system allows you to reach out to groups with specific interests, and to engage with them over time. Twitter allows for instant impact, and long-term relationship building. The Benefits of Twitter Facebook.com and Linkedin.com are on-line social networks based on pre-existing relationships. When you join you seek out your family, friends, and business contacts. … [Read more...]

Be Careful When Using Social Networking

The social media revolution has been in full swing these last few years, with more and more of us using sites like Facebook and Twitter to catch up with old friends, make new friends, and interact with the online masses. However, could such a fun and harmless activity as socializing online actually harm your chances of getting that dream job? Just as the way in which people socialize has changed in the past decade, so has the way in which recruiters vet potential … [Read more...]

8 Signs You Are In a Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships are unhealthy to say the least. You might know a few toxic people that successful in removing them from your life. When you’re in a relationship it can be more difficult to spot the toxic behaviour because you become so used to what’s happening that it no longer seems unusual. This article outlines 8 signs that your relationship has become toxic. 1. He belittles you Does your boyfriend make your achievements out to be nothing out of … [Read more...]