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What Is Alchemy?

Alchemy is often associated in the popular imagination with the medieval quest for turning metals into gold. However, the practice of alchemy has flourished all over the world for thousands of years. Furthermore, alchemy was not, as a whole, concerned with the material world. It is true that many alchemists throughout the ages made discoveries that led to the creation of the science of chemistry. For this reason, historians have seen alchemy as a kind of protochemistry. … [Read more...]

The History and Use of Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers were once a type of handmade Native American artifact. Individuals bended willow sticks into a rough circular shape, and covered the wood with leather straps, treated to remain soft and supple. Hand woven string was then passed through the circle to create a web, or catcher. The craftsman then followed up their work by adding different mementoes that meant something to their family. Beads and feathers were the most prevalent form of decoration added to the … [Read more...]