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Perfectionism in an Intimate Relationship

An individual’s inability to accept anything less than what he or she perceives as perfect in a partner can lead to huge difficulties in an intimate relationship. While most of us learn to live with and ultimately love those annoying, sometimes endearing little habits we discover in our partners (as well as ourselves), it’s a perfectionist’s inability to do just that causes problems. Their unrealistic and unreasonable expectations of a partner can make it almost … [Read more...]

How to Supercharge Your Relationship: Appreciation

If your relationship with your husband, wife, lover is starting to feel a little bit rocky despite the fact that you are both very much in love and committed to making it work, then it could be because you've stopped showing as much appreciation for one another. People seek appreciation from all of their relationships. Feeling unappreciated, taken for granted, especially when it comes to someone we love, can actually hurt. Saying, "I love you" can start to mean … [Read more...]

Are You Speaking the Same Love Language as Your Partner?

Are You Speaking the Same Love Language as Your Partner? Being in love is an amazing, intense feeling. At least, it is at first. After a while, a relationship can become a little bit dull and kind of mundane. This doesn’t mean that a couple has fallen out of love and it certainly doesn’t mean that the spark cannot be reignite. The key to staying blissfully in love lies in, you’ve guessed it, communication. Not just any kind of communication, but … [Read more...]