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Can You Leave Those Frequent Flier Miles to Someone in a Will?

It usually occurs to people right around the holidays that they need to get their estate planning in order. People often get around to talking about their bank accounts, their investments and their property at this time. There's one little detail that gets passed over, quite often – the thousands of frequent flyer miles that they may have accumulated. Whatever happens to them when the holder happens to pass away? Is there something you can do to leave them to … [Read more...]

How To Conduct an Impartial Safety Investigation

Last night an air hose ruptured and an employee was injured by the stream of compressed air that was directed into his eyes. You, the Safety Manager, must investigate the accident and forward the results in report form to the corporate headquarters and the local representative for workplace safety. This investigation is going to be very high profile. There are issues of liability that must be answered for the company's insurance agency. There are issues with the … [Read more...]

Clearing Your Name: The Legal Process of Expungement

Is your criminal record haunting you? In the United States, an arrest or a conviction can remain on your permanent criminal record for years after you've paid your fines, served your sentence and completed your period of probation. Because your arrests, charges and convictions are a part of the public record, they can be accessed by any and all interested parties. How an open criminal record can affect your life When you apply for a new job, your potential … [Read more...]