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In the Internet section we provide articles to assist you in getting more from one of the greatest developments in technology since television. The Internet is proving to be not only a powerful force in society and culture but commerce as well. A basic understanding of the Internet has nearly become mandatory for everyone. Enjoy

Great Business Websites Need Great Web Designers

The relationship between a business and a web designer tends to be a difficult one. It is rare that people who run a business understand what is involved in web design and operating on the Internet. Often web designers see business owners as either: 1) disconnected and unrealistic about Internet work. Or 2), too involved with the meaningless details of a web site and too worried about costs too reap the full rewards of Internet marketing. When the relationship between … [Read more...]

Using The Internet: What is True, What is Untrue?

Internet access can be a real advantage for the busy article writer. It’s like having a vast online library at your fingertips – open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Use it wisely and it can boost your sales. But rely on it too heavily and it could be your downfall. So how do you make the Internet work for you? It can be an excellent source of facts, ideas, addresses and contacts, but do not trust that its wealth of information is 100% accurate. … [Read more...]

Internet For Beginners – Welcome To The Web

The Internet has grown into a vastly powerful tool that can be used for a huge variety of different activities. From researching a family tree, to watching funny video clips, there's always something to do, but when faced with the vastness of the Internet it can be a little overwhelming, so here are a few ideas on how to get started. Google Google's search engine is a great place to start when you first fire up the Internet. Here you can search for anything that is … [Read more...]

Website Facelift: Add Beauty To Your Web Site

A website should be more than practical or just convey information. Good looking web sites, with good functionality, usually do better online ... With all the tips and tricks out there to design a good-looking, user-friendly website, it’s somewhat amazing that most websites are designed to be wall-flowers that barely rate a second glance. Luckily, your website layout has nothing to do with genetics and airbrushes! In fact, it doesn’t even take a fortune … [Read more...]

Develop The Correct Internet Marketing Mindset

How To Develop The Correct Online Marketing Business Mindset For Success 7 Important Internet Marketing Tips That Successful Marketers Use One of the major things that cause internet marketers to fail in their online endeavors is not having the correct online marketing business mindset. Mind conditioning and preparation are essential factors for internet marketers to achieve online marketing success. Building a business online is no different from creating … [Read more...]