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Watering Your Tomato Plants: Getting it Just Right

When it comes to water, tomato plants are the Goldilocks of the vegetable garden. Water too much and the roots rot. Water too little, and the plant dehydrates. Worse yet, a tomato plant dying of thirst and one drowning from overwatering look almost exactly the same: wilted leaves, sagging branches, drooping plants. How is the home vegetable gardener to know how to get it just right? How much water? "An inch a week from you or the sky" is the motto of many … [Read more...]

Easy Way to Make Hard Apple Cider

Have you ever wanted to explore the hobby of home brewing? There is nothing quiet like making your delicious, alcoholic beverages for a fraction of the cost of commercial products. Maybe you are concerned about chemical additives common in commercially brewed beverages. Well, you are in luck. You have found a article and information to brew your own hard apple cider, easy. First, let's clearly state that you need to find out what's the legal drinking age in your … [Read more...]

Thinking About Coin Collecting?

Coin collecting is one of the oldest hobbies around. Not only can it be fascinating, it can be profitable. One could say that coin collectors are in it for the money, but that would be too much of a pun. Starting the hobby of coin collecting could not be easier. You just start looking under that old dresser, or up the attic where your grandparents may have dropped (or stashed away patiently waiting for you to discover them) coins and collectibles. Who knows, you … [Read more...]