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Rise of Identity Theft and How to Protect Yourself

Ask the average person to name a crime and most will start with murder, theft or some other popular act depicted in the movies. While these crimes are still prevalent, a different kind of crime is having its day, both in the United States and internationally. The United States Department of Justice separates identity theft into three categories, including unauthorized use of existing credit cards, unauthorized use of other existing accounts and the misuse of sensitive … [Read more...]

Why Credit Report Disputes Never Seem To Get Resolved

You need a reasonable credit history to lead a decent life in the US. Everything from getting a job to renting or buying a house depends on what the three credit reporting bureaus say about how financially responsible you are. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus have no real way of knowing who is a responsible person and who is not. All they know is to listen to what the businesses you use have to say about you. These businesses, with millions of customers, often get … [Read more...]

Investing in Gold With Krugerrands

Few modern coins are as iconic as the Krugerrand. The composition and value of this South African series of gold bullion coins is recognized around the world, and for good reason: the Krugerrand was the very first modern gold bullion coin series to be issued by a government. The popularity of these unique gold coins contributed to the creation of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the American Gold Eagle, the Austrian Gold Philharmoniker, and other modern gold bullion coin … [Read more...]

Should Your Son Or Daughter Get A College Credit Card?

What is a college credit card? College credit cards are the credit cards that have been specially designed for college students. College credit cards are more popularly known as student credit cards. College credit cards allow the students to experience the benefits of credit cards much earlier in their life. Through college credit cards, the college students are able to learn more about credit cards and their use. In fact, for most of the students, their college … [Read more...]