Should Your Son Or Daughter Get A College Credit Card?

What is a college credit card? College credit cards are the credit cards that have been specially designed for college students. College credit cards are more popularly known as student credit cards. College credit cards allow the students to experience the benefits of credit cards much earlier in their life. Through college credit cards, the college students are able to learn more about credit cards and their use. In fact, for most of the students, their college … [Read more...]

How to Avoid the ‘College Comedown’

No more cheap beer. No more wild, decadent parties. No more casual, ‘no strings attached’ sex. Indeed, life after college can be a daunting and terrifying prospect for any fresh graduate who still relishes the thrill, spontaneity and fun of college dating. It’s not uncommon for many college graduates to feel somewhat lonely and isolated after graduation, having shuffled reluctantly from the relative safety of the campus into the cutthroat world of … [Read more...]

Tips On Writing A College Paper

If there is anything that college can promise you, it is that you will have to write a lot of papers. Almost every single class you have in college will probably include a final research paper or essay. Even if it is not required, many professors will offer extra credit papers of some kind. Today, so many people have failed to grasp the finer details of the English language. High schools just don’t seem to provide students with the knowledge they need for a … [Read more...]

The Zombie Response

Zombie fever is sweeping the nation once again, but this time, the friendly, comforting barrier of fiction has been removed, and innocent fascination has been coupled with a repugnant, unsettling fear associated with some sort of coming apocalypse. In Miami, Florida on May 26th, 2012, Rudy Eugene, 31, was shot by police officers after refusing to stop chewing off the face of his victim, Ronald Poppo, a 65 year old homeless man. The incident was quickly picked up by … [Read more...]

Beginner Mountain Biking Skills

Mountain biking is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who knows how to ride a bike. Compared to the average bike ride, it does present some danger. Therefore, you should master these basic skills before you hit the trails or the dirt. You can practice these beginning skills at a local park, school, bike path, or simply around your house. If you can, try to find a location with a steep hill. Get a feel for your pedals Practice moving your foot away … [Read more...]