Alternative Health And Wellness Articles

Massage Therapy Styles From Around the World

Human touch, when applied with caring hands, can be a wonderfully healing thing. Massage can be of benefit to anyone, anywhere. It's no wonder that a countless number of massage therapies are practiced all around the world. Here are some of the most popular massage modalities in use today: Swedish Massage The kneading, tapping and long, slow strokes used in Swedish massage offer relaxation, pain abatement, improved blood circulation and relief from constipation. … [Read more...]

What is Iridology?

Iridology was introduced to the Americans in 1950 by Dr. Bernard Jensen, a chiropractor and known proponent of a variety of alternative care methods. Dr. Jensen developed a method that uses the color of the iris as an indicator of the presence of toxins in the body. Dr. Jensen was also a holistic nutritionist and expounded in his lectures about the need to detoxify the body using natural foods. However, it was in Europe where earlier studies on iridology (the study … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy takes an entirely holistic approach in the prevention and cure of numerous types of physical ailments. Craniosacral therapy is steadily gaining ground as a popular alternative method. Many people prefer alternative medicine over conventional means of health care where pain killers are almost always prescribed, if not surgery that requires long recovery periods. One major area of concern is the non-inclusion of majority of holistic care therapies … [Read more...]

25 Herbs And Their Health Benefits

The benefits of herbs has been reported for years. In fact, herbal treatment is something that goes back to ancient times, but it is also becoming more and more popular in modern times as the cost of medications soar and the side effects of many medications are often disturbing. Increasingly, people are more interested in healthy eating, and healthy eating usually lends its self to understanding the health benefit of herbs and an exploration of herbal treatments used … [Read more...]

The Costs of Alternative Medical Treatments

More and more people are using alternative medical treatments these days. Some try alternative medical treatments for the novelty of the idea while others seek them in their frustration with conventional medicine. Many people are learning of the numerous benefits of alternative medicine and are satisfied with the results. You can use alternative medical treatments either as a complement to your present conventional medical care or as a real "alternative" or … [Read more...]