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Our Diet and Nutrition section is not just about weight loss. These articles are also about healthy eating, understanding what makes a good diet and nutritional information to keep you informed (so you can make informed choices about your diet). Enjoy!
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Health Benefits of Flaxseed

There is a growing awareness of some food items that enhance the functioning of the major organs of the body. One such item is a small seed packed with power: flaxseed. Flaxseed contains elements essential for good health, especially Omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and fiber. Therefore it has a positive impact on the heart, liver and kidneys, bones, the digestive tract, and immune system. Fat intake is usually controlled to ensure a healthy heart and control … [Read more...]

Five Common Weight Loss Myths

Losing weight can be a challenge. Keeping it off can prove to be an even bigger challenge however. From the many weight loss tips that circulate through the dieting world, a number of myths have arisen. Following are five of the most popular dieting myths: Myth #1 Extreme Dieting is the Healthiest Way to Lose Weight The new extreme diets that are currently taking the world of weight loss by storm certainly seem to be the best and healthiest way to shed … [Read more...]

How To Stay Healthy This Winter

If you are like most people, you probably keep your everyday routines the same all year round. You might use the same skincare products in January as you do in May, and you might eat the same kinds of food in October as you did in April. On the other hand, perhaps you use a richer moisturizer and eat more soup in the winter months than you do in the summer months. Either way, this article explains what you need to do differently in the winter months to stay in tip top … [Read more...]

A Complete Guide to Healthy Eating on a Budget

When you’re on a tight budget, eating healthy meals on a regular basis can be a difficult task. We often get stuck in a rut, eating the same meals over and over. It can also be tempting to snap up grocery deals when out shopping, even if they’re not the healthiest options. With a little creativity and organization, however, you can have a healthy eating plan and save money. Following is a guide to help you lower your food costs without sacrificing your health. … [Read more...]

Brief History Of Barley

Barley is stated by historians to be the oldest of all cultivated grains. It seems to have been the principal bread plant among the ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans. The Jews especially held the grain in high esteem, and sacred history usually uses it interchangeably with wheat, when speaking of the fruits of the earth. Among the early Greeks and Romans, barley was almost the only food of the common people and the soldiers. The flour was made into gruel, after the … [Read more...]