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How to Get Started Buying and Selling on eBay

eBay can be a confusing place for buyers and sellers without experience, and the crux of the market is trust. The major difference between eBay and conventional outlets is that the seller is not tangible, and therefore seemingly has no identity to which payments can be associated. However, with a little use of the website and the right advice, determining who to trust and how to be trusted is very easy, and the beginning of a fruitful trade. To begin, the role of the … [Read more...]

Finding Good Translation Services For Your Business Project

Whether you are opening an office in a new global market or just traveling on business to another country, the language barrier can be a real challenge. While English is spoken by most people in business across the world, it isn’t spoken well. Many people there prefer doing business in their own tongue. Pay attention to this, and you stand a better chance at getting ahead. The first step to doing business in a foreign language, then, is to look for translation … [Read more...]

Identifying and Defining Your Brand Image

Just as there’s no one-size fits all diet solution for weight loss, there’s no one-size fits all way to brand yourself as a small business owner. Yes, there will be “experts” out there who have a standardize questionnaire or routine method they’d like to take you through in a branding process. But branding organically is more complicated. Anyone can make you look a certain way, but unless it’s authentic to you, it probably … [Read more...]

Managing Your First Virtual Contractor

Using online services to outsource tasks for your online business can exponentially increase productivity and profit, while making time for yourself for entrepreneurial tasks such as creative planning. To make the transition from managing employee to independent contractor as smooth as possible, however, you'll need to keep a few things in mind at each stage of the process. Inviting Proposals Clear communication at all stages of the process is critical, so begin … [Read more...]

Know Your Audience When Marketing Online

Internet marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular advertising options available. The Internet reaches a worldwide audience and is available 24 hours a day. For this reason more and more potential customers are turning to the Internet for a variety of reasons including researching products and services and making purchases. As more and more consumers turn to the Internet for these reasons, it is important for businesses to establish an online presence. This … [Read more...]