The Amish: Expressing The Freedom of Religion

The Amish are a religious sect of Christianity that has made a big impact on American culture. Though they appear to hold opposite values than most Americans, they still seem to embody the American spirit of independence, individuality and religious freedom. The Anabaptists The roots of the Amish sect come from a religious group in Europe known as the Anabaptists. At the time of the Protestant Revolution, the Anabaptists split off from the rest of Protestantism with … [Read more...]

History of Some Christmas Traditions

Christians celebrate Christmas to observe the birth of Jesus Christ, which is an event and not a tradition. But many other activities related to celebrating the Christmas season evolved from certain traditions, many of which are from other countries, particularly from peoples in Europe. Among common items used in Christmas decorations are the holly and the mistletoe. Both are used primarily in wreaths and garlands. The Druids started the tradition of using the … [Read more...]